6. Oktober 2021 Diskussion/Vortrag Revolt, Repression, War and a Pandemic

Conducting Safe and Ethical Research in WANA Today





06.10.2021, 19:30 - 21:00 Uhr


Soziale Bewegungen / Organisierung, Migration / Flucht, Globalisierung, Krieg / Frieden, Partizipation / Bürgerrechte

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mit Jannis Julien Grimm

Eine Veranstaltung der Gruppe Kritische Islamwissenschaftler:innen und Arabist:innen in Kooperation mit der Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Sachsen.

Vortragsreihe: „10 Jahre arabischer Frühling – eine kritische Betrachtung"


In 2011, the protests in West Asia and North Africa caught many social scientists by surprise. The mass uprisings effectively revealed the blind spots of prior analytical frameworks. This turned into an opportunity for many researchers whose enthusiasm was matched with new funding opportunities. The “Arab Spring” effectively propelled the discipline of Middle East Studies from a niche existence to the centers of social science. However, the newfound interest in the region also impacted the way in which Middle East scholars would henceforth be perceived: When the Arab Spring gave way to an autocratic restoration, they were in for a rude awakening. Recognizing researchers’ role in the dissemination of critical knowledge, the post-revolutionary regimes began to target academic communities on a new level. As a consequence, more and more scholars of the Middle East began to rely on local research assistants (whom they were often unable to adequately protect) or on digital-data infrastructure (of which they often had only a rudimentary understanding) to conduct their research. The COVID19-pandemic has only exacerbated these trends – with sometimes devastating consequences as regards the safe and ethical conduct of research.

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